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We live in a world where society’s opinions and understanding has developed significantly over the last several years, but there are still many aspects of gender and the ideals of defined characteristic of masculinity that are overlooked. What is masculinity? Is a man defined only by his characteristic traits of big bushy beards and chest hair on show? Can a man still be masculine with a full beard and 6-inch stilettos?


So, I propose you this question; ‘Could facial hair prosthetics challenge the preconceptions of masculinity and heteronormative forms of gender?’.


The prosthetics are primarily created to challenge socio-psychological ideals of heteronormative gender forms through the symbol of hair. Hair has a powerful way of individualisation and identity collection in history, and still today. The perception of looking and analysing one’s possible gender, sexual orientation, race, age and religion can all be determined by individual cognition.

What the Gender(fuck) ?

~ Speculative design ~


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