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The S.I.A’s (Space Immigration Administration) focuses on human enhancement for the advantage of future space immigration and travel.  


Our situation recognises a world where our company have identified the requirements for humans to travel to Kepler-452 b. From this, the company have proposed a range of products that are available on the market, for the public, which allows for bodily enhancement through biotechnology and biomedicine; rather than biohacking as it is less invasive and harmful for the body. This world now sees many people using these products to enhance their body for future generations to already require the adequate specifications in their genes to be able to travel to space.


Humans require a healthy BMI, blood pressure level, 20/20 vision, high IQ (including fluent Russian) and no history of mental disorders. A future where the earth is undergoing contamination from overpopulation, war, climate change, political leaders: humans will not be able to survive the harsh conditions on earth in 100 years. The value of immigration into space will allow for new exploration to other “exoplanets” for a chance at a new life.

Space Immigration Administration

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