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Wash, rinse, repeat


Following my formative assessment, I really have some important factors to consider moving forward in this project. One particular aspect that really hit home was that my project does not seem indicative of my personal influence and style. To be honest, I have really fallen out of love with this project and the struggle to adapt a suitable context for these designs seems to be getting harder and harder. So I have decided to alter my context to an idea that I had way back and link the research and target audience to a particular passion of mine: Drag Queens!



I really need to consider all the different factors that need to be employed with my making do develop the final prosthetics! Looking at different types of pigments to colour the materials, and how the hair samples will be dyed and sit within the prosthetics. ARGHHH!

Things to consider:


1) What materials will you use to create the mould for the prosthetics?


2) How will you colour these prosthetics?


3) How will these prosthetics sit within your context?

Designed by Jack Newbury


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