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This week I have been racking my brain on how to create the perfect skin!
I have experimented with bio-plastics, silicone and latex. The trouble is to try and replicate the exact skin texture to create a perfect prosthetic. The other issue is to try and replicate the perfect skin colour as well. But how the hell do I do this???


Many research labs are currently growing skin tissue and testing the application on mice. One company leading this research is RIKEN who have noted recently the successful application in Japan:


Our present outcomes indicate a proof of concept of regenerative therapy of a fully functional and integrated skin organ system that will have a potential for the application of future clinical treatment” says RIKEN team leader Takashi Tsuji to Live Science.

Things to consider:


1) What materials will you use to replicate the colour and texture of hair?


2) How will your materials work in relation to the hair?  


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