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Today I had my final critique of my most recent project, prosthesis.

So I give you my final title: What the (gender)fuck?


Could facial hair prosthetics challenge the preconceptions of masculinity and heteronormative forms of gender?


We live in a world where society’s opinions and understanding has developed significantly over the last several years, but there are still many aspects of gender and the ideals of defined characteristic of masculinity that are overlooked. What is masculinity? Is a man defined only by his characteristic traits of big bushy beards and chest hair on show? Can a man still be masculine with a full beard and 6-inch stilettos?



 This project identifies a prosthetic(s) that can create a conversation and challenge the preconceptions of sociological and political ideas of the normal aspect of gender.


Across cultures, hair is one of the most powerful symbols of our individual and collective identities. But historically and culturally it is arguably the sight of hair that makes its styling, cutting and dressing significant. Hair is our unique ‘species signal’.

-Hair: Styling, Culture and Fashion, Biddle-Perry, Geraldine; Cheang, Sarah

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