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Hair Analysis


I have been struggling to a find a particular context to link my design practice to the correct audience directed for these prosthetics, but have now finally found a specific synthesised proposal. 


There is a rare form of Alopecia known as Alopecia Barbae which only affects males due to the higher levels of testosterone in the body, and only affect baldness around the facial area. It is a very characteristic form of hair loss which has been noted with connectivity with male auto immune syndrome. 


It's sporadic nature seems to focus on 3 main areas of the barbae region; around the mouth, the chin or the neck, but is extremely rare to have all 3 simultaneously. 

Below is an collective of images of current male members of my course using a 30x microscope lens LED magnifier to identify different hair types, thicknesses and skin pigments (all participant are from different countries around the world).



Alopecia Barbae affects around 2% of males between 28-42, that equivalates to approximately 30,459,991 males currently suffering with this hair loss on the planet.



Things to consider:


1) Will different punching techniques alter the direction of how the hair sits?


2) Will real human hair or synthetic hair be better to use to dye?


3) How will you make the prototypes and final prosthetics realistic and approachable?

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