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The Space Immigration Administration’s (S.I.A) latest project has interrogated the exploration into the future of space travel based on the ‘Exploring Space’ exhibition at the Science Museum.


Our practice is to identify human enhancement not through traditional biohacking which would inherently need to be implanted into the skin causing possible trauma and biological rejection.


Alternatively, utilising methods of biomedicine and biotech selling simple ‘over the counter’ items to enhance or stabilise vital levels of physically, emotional and mentally. Through this simple implementation future genetic codes would be superior and adequate enough for each person to travel to space for future colonisation on other planets.

 Below is a sample of our new products available for purchase.

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My colleagues and I have potential plans to develop the branding further including an inclusive personal instructional video for parents to understand what and how to use the products safely for their children based on their appropriate dosage.

Designed by Jack Newbury & students from MAMF / MAID at CSM

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