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Documenting Aspirin


During this week, I have been updating my research for my presentation tomorrow on Aspirin.

One keen area of interest has developed from my visit to The Chelsea Physic Garden, identifying the historical uses of medicinal plants in the pharmaceutical industry. 


The White Willow (Salix Alba) is one of the main plants from the Salix genus that have been used for herbal medicine and recognised for its extract, Salicin, which has similar pain relief properties to the main compound ingredient in Aspirin. This has led my research and experimentation to realise Salicin's uses for willow tea (extracted from the willow stems) for consumption as a liquid form of pain relief.     

 White Willow (Salix Alba)


Salicylic Acid 


 Willow Tea (Salicin)


Points to consider:

1) How will we utilise herbal medicine in the future? 

2) Should consumers be carefully thinking about alternative medicinal products and their benefits? 

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