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Molecular Gastronomy vs Pharmaceuticals


Yesterday I presented my work in progress for my mid-project critique, where I displayed all my research and experiments to date. The project so far has been challenging but I have enjoyed the designing and making side more than I though I would. It has been really interesting to identify the cohesion of molecular gastronomy and herbal medicine through a variety of natural substrates.


All the products made are 100% natural, all produced from Willow Bark, using absolutely no chemicals (unless you count vodka) in their production. Some of the used ingredients include

Agar Agar, Sorbitol, Gelatin and Liquid Glucose. These have all resulted in many different types of matter ranging from liquid, semi-solid and solid. The only matter I have not succeeded in is gas / vapour, which I am still working on before my deadline.  


Below are some pictures of my experiments laid out for my critique in order of how the development progressed during the material testing stage.  





Feedback to consider:

1) If you were to push this further, how would you consider the marketing aspect of these products?

2) How would you communicate this? 

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