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Our new project 'Re-Manufacturing' challenges us to identify what we feel is the most important aspect of our object, in my case aspirin, and re-imagine it:


'Disrupting the physical consumption and materiality of the pharmaceutical industry' 


My idea is to completely alter the way in which we interact with aspirin, through its states of matter, physical consumption / application and its perception.    

During my developed research for this challenge, I have been inspired to research molecular gastronomy and culinary contructivism in modern uses. However, to adapt its processes and materials to suit that of pharmaceutical products. This re-designing goes beyond the simple material properties by disrupting the physical experience of taking medication and the idea of wellness.  



Below is some inspiring quotes from 3 new books that I have been reading and some little primary experiments. I would recommend anyone to read these to be inspired not only in the kitchen but to challenge their own perception of what they consume.

Why do we chew in the first place? Everyone knows that mastication breaks up food into smaller pieces - small enough that, having also been lubricated by saliva, they easily descend into the digestive system.

P.g. 109, Chp. 29, Molecular Gastronomy: Exploring the Science of Flavor, Hevré This  













































Willow Bark (left) - N2O infused salicin (right)

Is chemistry more of a manual trade than cooking? No calculations based on a poorly designed and poorly conducted experiment can be correct. Nor can any dish that is poorly conceived be good. So we should recognize that the so-called manual trades are not inferior to the so-called intellectual professions.

P.g. 30, Building A Meal: From Molecular Gastronomy to Culinary Constructivism, Hevré This 













































Salicin mixed with sorbitol (left) - Salicin mixed with agar(right) 


Why are cookies always round or square? I want a triangle or a cube, or a bowl that is cookie. Play with and imagine a new world of colour where things are altered with genetics. Red lemons and blue beans-ahhhhhh!

P.g. 88, 2398gr. Fabrica













































Salicin boiling with agar (left) - Melting salicin mixed with agar (right)

Things to consider:

1) Should we be embracing new forms of medication that could be easier for select individuals?  

2) Could these ideas be produced on a mass-production scale?

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