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Materials & Objects


After being in London for a month, I finally went to back to one of my favourite galleries, The Tate Modern. As a young child visiting this gallery seemed huge back then, and surprisingly that still hasn't changed now!

Following a bit of research I found out about one of the collection displays, Material & Objects which is showcasing a variety of practitioners who embrace and have used unusual material and methodologies in their work.


One of the rooms cornered an entire wall space with films, quotes and a range of the materials used in some of the artworks. This way of documentation really got me thinking, should all practices be exploring different materials in their work; from precious to recycled and from mass-produced to traditional handcrafting?


Increasingly over the last decade, artists have challenged the idea that select materials are deemed as unsuitable for art. 




I will leave you with these 3 quotes from the collection:

1. What comes first, the material or the idea?

2. How do materials affect meaning? 

3.Why make art from everyday things?



Curated by the Tate Modern

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