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Newbury Pharma is an exploration of future usage of aspirin; ‘disrupting the physical consumption and materiality of the pharmaceutical industry’.


Focussing on the natural elements involved in the production, the plant White Willow (Salix Alba), contains an extract known as Salicin, which has the same properties as the key compound Salicylic Acid present in aspirin.


The ideology of the project is to design alternative methods of physical consumption of aspirin by concentrating on Salicin’s herbal medicinal purposes.


The willow bark is naturally sourced and produced in a smaller method in comparison to how it would be created on a mass-scale form. By altering the physical states of matter, the Salicin can be ingested in various ways dependant on the consumer’s particular choice; intentionally redesigning the way consumers interact with the material and vice versa. 



~ Future materiality ~


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