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“...some refer to the current period of human activity not as the Anthropocene, but as the Plasticene”

As a response to the changing world of sustainability and circular economy, we produced a promo clip for The Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Presenting our scenario through an augmented reality, these are shown through a ‘filter-style’ effect displaying to the audience the Plasticene; the realistic, present world situation versus the Cyclicene; the idealistic, future world solution. The music has been created to represent the difference between these two contexts, along with the intentional visual imagery which is thought provoking to engage the audience into the importance of Circular Fibres; and emphasise our message within our manifesto.

You can watch our proposed video below.

In collaboration with Rachel Foley & Maël Henaff, MA Material Futures, CSM.



~ Circular design ~


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