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Today I had my final critique of my most recent project, prosthesis.

So I give you my final title: What the (gender)fuck?

Could facial hair prosthetics challenge the preconceptions of masculinity and heteronormative forms of gender?

We live in a world where society...


Following my formative assessment, I really have some important factors to consider moving forward in this project. One particular aspect that really hit home was that my project does not seem indicative of my personal influence and style. To be honest, I have really f...


I have been struggling to a find a particular context to link my design practice to the correct audience directed for these prosthetics, but have now finally found a specific synthesised proposal. 

There is a rare form of Alopecia known as Alopecia Barbae which only aff...


Today's workshop focused on the various techniques of moulds and model making. So for my project I naturally focused on facial hair moulds using modrock and filling the negative with latex and silicone; or applying silicone directly onto my face. Below is a selection o...


Our spring term project entitled 'Prosthesis' asks us to develop and create a well-crafted prosthetic, which is not indicative of an artificial limb, but more of a potential gateway between the body and the rest of the world.  

So welcome to Prosthesium Capillus! A...


This week I have been racking my brain on how to create the perfect skin!
I have experimented with bio-plastics, silicone and latex. The trouble is to try and replicate the exact skin texture to create a perfect prosthetic. The other issue is to try and replicate the p...


What do we do in a world where antibiotics can no longer combat diseases?


The S.I.A’s (Space Immigration Administration’s) latest project focuses on human enhancement for the advantage of future space immigration and travel.  

According to NASA, humans require a healthy BMI, blood pressure level, 20/20 vision, high IQ (including fluent Russia...


As a society we are losing touch with each other. Daily rituals and simple habits are becoming extinct. A simple handshake would disappear. In a dystopian world, do we need daily rituals as part of our society?

In the 22nd Century, through modern technology, our scenari...


The Space Immigration Administration’s (S.I.A) latest project has interrogated the exploration into the future of space travel based on the ‘Exploring Space’ exhibition at the Science Museum.

Our practice is to identify human enhancement not through traditional biohacki...

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