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A quarterly, inclusive, free digital publication that comprises a selection of articles and stories surrounding the theme of inclusivity; which includes but is not limited to, art, design, language, technology, science, policy, LGBTQIA+ theories etc.

Department for Inclusive Education

A design organisation that aims to integrate equality within sexual education with a proposed kit for secondary schools, enabling sexual education to be more inclusive and representative of all communities and genders compared to previous heteronormative approaches.


Exploration into the potential of Pre-vulcanised natural latex rubber as a vegetarian alternative to animal skin used in luxury Menswear leathered goods. 

What the Gender(fuck) ?

We live in a world where society’s opinions and understanding has developed significantly over the last several years, could facial hair prosthetics challenge the preconceptions of masculinity and heteronormative forms of gender?

Volkswagen GO

Derived from the heritage of the Volkswagen Bus and the journeys undertaken by digital nomads, Volkswagen GO presents a future concept of a road trip in a world where autonomous cars are the norm.

Space Immigration Administration

Our situation proposes a world where we have the necessary requirements for humans to travel to space. Through bodily enhancement via biotechnology and biomedicine, we now see many people transforming their bodies for the future generations.


What identifies the pressure to conform? There has never been a greater need for creativity, the freedom of expression encouraged in art schools is the starting point here with a call to be more honest, creative and brave.



Exploration of future consumption methods of aspirin from concentrated natural 

Salicin to disrupt the physical consumption and materiality of the pharmaceutical industry.


As a response to the changing world of sustainability and circular economy, we present our scenario through an augmented reality, shown as a ‘filter-style’ effect displaying the Plasticene [the realistic, present world situation] versus the Cyclicene [the idealistic, future world solution]. 



How can linear-based structures be developed to translate movement into simplistic, yet detailed experimental subject matters? How can natural and conceptual 

mark making in hierarchical and linear-based structural designs evidence idyllic combinations and formed aesthetics?


What type of various heat applications can be applied to commercial textile manufacturing to create different outcomes; through natural-formed patterns, heat pressed forms and thermochromic inks?

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